Michael Meyer

An instant classic marathon happened today in The Sally Gap. 42kms with a beast that crawls uphill for 20ish kilometres and then beginning at about 24kms the BEAST culminates in climb up to Loch Tay. There are a couple of steep bumps at 30kms and a few more along the way. This drastic up had many downs and made sure that you had to balance climbing and decent. It would have been incredible to see the top runners scampering up mountains that I struggled hiking up. The views were AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, and BREATHTAKING. Glendalough Mountain AC pulled off an amazing event which will without a doubt become a legendary European goal on the Bucket List of mad marathoners. Rene Borg, Niall Corrigan, Jay JuJu, Flora McKnight, Deirdre O'Riordan, Yvonne Brennan,Claire Ní Ceallacháin, Keith Mulvey and everyone else I'm forgetting. Oh ya, Derek Cullen was integral in this whole event. He told us so. Lol. This was the best marathon experience I've ever had. Marshall support was brilliant and amazingly, the water stations had loads of water for the back of the pack runners. This was a great touch!! Call it by many names and see what sticks. Just make sure you get in next year!!! This marathon will become legendary in decades to come and I'm delighted to have been in the first one!!! BEAST ON THE EAST LAP FROM HELL FLAT AS A PANCAKE MOUNTAIN RUN SALLY'S REVENGE

Susan Dixon

Wahoooooooooo i did it!!! Marathon #15 and first one post baby. Absolutely delighted. The course was tough.... Very tough but i enjoyed every bit (well maybe 1 or 2 of the hills not so much). Could not have done it with out the support of my running buddy Michael Meyer. Stayed with me every step of the way. This was probably the best run and best organised marathon I've ever been too. Glendalough ac went above and beyond today to look after each and ever participant. Fully stocked water stations when back of the pack runners got there. Ive a feeling this marathon will be among the greats. Thanks so much for all your well wishes and a huuuuuuge thank you to Mel Murphy who came along at just the right time armed with jellies, coke and oranges. One in a million my friend xxxx

Colette O’Hagan

What can I say about the "lap of the gap " marathon organised by Glendalough AC only truly awesome ,, for those who know me , know I have ran a few marathons but this one stands out , why ? It has all the ingredients to be a top class marathon , it ain't easy but then no 26.2 miles are easy , it has ambience , it has character , it has hills in fact I am naming that hill at Lough Thay "the Beast" because it's a beast of a hill , it really tests you but then if nothing tests you there would be no challenge ,, I put it down as one of the toughest I have ever done but I am so glad I did it , the scenery is outstanding , the organisers were only brilliant and looked after us so well , everyone felt they were special from the first to the last ,, the marshals so friendly and helpful , got some lovely jellies from a lovely lady who is running the Derry marathon next week ,, best of luck to her , even the tourists appalled me as I endeavoured to conquer "the beast " and that felt so special to me . We were treated to coffee/tea and some lovely cakes at the finish and I run for cake ,, I will certainly be back as I see this marathon go high up on the list of Irish and perhaps world marathons , so put this on your list for next year , take a bow Glendalough AC , you did yourselves proud today

Miriam Maher

Rene, you and your brilliantly friendly and helpful volunteers put on a fantastic event. Thanks so much. Great tough challenging marathon route with the trade off of superb views all the way. Loved it, will be back!

Eddie Hamilton

Just want to say thanks for everything what a fantastic marathon. There was one or two challenging hills but thats what makes this one special and different, the views scenery is out of this world. It was warm in places but there was plenty of water at the stations & plenty of smiles. It was obvious to see that there was a lot of hard work gone into this one and the marshals, people on the water stations, medic, people in the hall serving tea & coffee lovely treats, Physio crew and others all done a super job, everyone was so friendly. The medal was surprisingly nice. PLEASE KEEP ME A SPACE AT NEXT YEARS MARATHON. Don't forget to ask everyone for feed back as this has the potential to be one of the top marathons in Ireland going forward. thanks for everything!!!!! 😀